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About Us

At our full-service veterinary clinic and animal hospital, we provide you and your pet with an unmatched level of patient care. Here at the Pet Clinic at Woods Corner, we put an emphasis on offering personalized services to everyone who walks through our doors, and we specialize in senior pet care.

Meet the Staff

Dr. Bruce Radomski
Growing up in South Florida, Dr. Radomski always had a variety of pets including dogs, cats, snakes, and two owls named Pete and Repete.
He attended the University of Florida and Auburn University, where he received his D.V.M. Dr. Radomski has been practicing veterinary medicine in Virginia Beach since 1985.
He lives in the area with his wife, their Belgian Malinois Po, their black cat Fiona, and their crow Poe. Fiona lives at the office and will greet you when you come for your appointment.
Hi! I’ve been working in the vet industry for 8 years, 7 have been with Dr. Radomski. My passion for animals began on my grandparent’s farm in MI when I was very young. It was further fueled after moving to a rural town in Southern California where my love for reptiles began. One of my favorite childhood past times was to catch and release small lizards after admiring them up close. My husband and I now have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a menagerie of reptiles (including snakes, various lizards, and a giant tortoise.) In our spare time we enjoy working with a local reptile rescue/education group helping to educate the public on proper reptile care and the importance of local reptile conservation.
Hello! I’m Rachael Pan and I have been working in the veterinary field for 8 years, and have been working for Dr. Radomski for 4 years. I grew up in Windsor, VA with lots of animals and surrounded by forest and wildlife. My family raised goats, chickens, and pigs, and I learned love and respect for animals at an early age. In 2013 I went back to college and am currently working on my degree in Environmental Biology, pursuing my dream of becoming a conservation biologist. I’m married and my husband and I have two dogs, a cat, a hedgehog, and several reptiles. I love helping people and animals, and am blessed to work in a place where I can do both.
I am twenty-four years old, have lived in Virginia Beach for over nineteen years and am extremely familiar with the area and the community. I recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. Working at The Pet Clinic for nearly a decade has been one of the best experiences of my life. The most important part of my life is hands down my dog BoJo who I love more than anyone or anything.
Working with animals is truly a fulfillment of my life’s passion. I am a veterinary assistant. I have lived in Virginia Beach my entire life, and I am currently studying Business Administration at Tidewater Community College. I intend to continue my education, however, further into the field of Veterinary Technology and pursue my dream of becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I am lucky enough to share my home with a rambunctious tuxedo cat named Oreo, and a happy-go-lucky guinea pig named Marley. I also enjoy volunteering my time at an amazing, local horse farm in Pungo that specializes in working with special needs children through horse-back riding. I have always appreciated the love and joy that animal bring into our lives, and it is truly a blessing that I am able to connect with pet owners and help keep their furry friends both happy and healthy.


Great Vet
I have been taking my dog to Dr. Radomski for 9 years. She was diagnosed by another vet as having several health issues that would be with her for life and most likely shorten her life. I moved shortly thereafter and found Dr. Radomski. He has kept her healthy for all these years without any extreme measures. I would proudly recommend him to anyone.

Our Policies

At our clinic, appointments are appreciated, but we do accept walk-ins. We strive to see every client on time, but emergency cases will receive first priority. This means that you may occasionally have an appointment delay. Finally, we require full payment at the time of service.
Contact us to learn more about the expert staff at our animal hospital.